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Independent Yardi ® Consultants

As part of the Yardi ® Independent Consultant Network we are committed to a thorough knowledge of Yardi ® Software.

What We Do

Consultation & Support

We provide online and on-site Yardi ® software implementation and consulting services. We enable your business to get up and running quickly and smoothly.


One-on-one support and training is the most effective way to build confidence and a thorough understanding of your Yardi ® software.

Our Impact

Implementation, project management and staff training services reduce transition time and ensure an accurate set-up process.

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Crowley Case Group provides Implementation, Training, Consulting and Accounting services. We assist in managing many types of projects, including multi-family housing, office, retail, mixed use, and industrial properties.

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  • Breeze ®
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  • Voyager ®

As part of the Yardi ® Independent Consultant Network we are committed to a thorough knowledge of Yardi ® Software.

Implementation Services

We provide support for new system set up, system conversions, and database consolidations. This includes functionality and process review to analyze your portfolio, and the work flow of each department. Additionally, we review chart of accounts, system security set up, and data entry procedures.

As part of the implementation, the database can be customized for you, limited custom reports can be written and all of the property, unit and tenant set up can be entered if data is not automatically converted.

Training Services

Training is provided using GoToMeeting and allows for one-on-one or group training sessions. Having short, remote training sessions minimizes the impact on the trainee’s workflow and allows them to practice in between sessions. Learning is accelerated in a real-time environment, using your live data tailored to your needs. We are experts in communicating procedures and operations to your staff.

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Consulting Services

We take care to understand your needs and help you make informed decisions that will improve your system. System implementation may seem like an overwhelming task without the help of a knowledgeable person who can break it down into simple steps.

Accounting Services

Accounting staff functions are performed in our office by remotely processing information directly into your database.


We are independent Yardi ® consultants based in Marin County California. As Yardi ® specialists we remain focused on Yardi ® software and are committed to a thorough knowledge of the products as they continue to evolve.

We work hand in hand with you or operate as project managers. We are here to assist you with changes in the use of your Yardi ® program due to company growth, portfolio changes, and staff turnovers.

Why Us?

  • Guidance from a Yardi ® expert with over 30 years of experience.
  • Online training and consulting services alleviate the need to dedicate your entire day to learning Yardi ®.
  • Short training sessions allow you to keep your business running smoothly while undergoing a change in your software system.
  • Whether you are a new Yardi ® user, or an experienced user, one-on-one support and training is the most effective way to build confidence and a thorough understanding of your Yardi ® Software.
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Paule Crowley

Paule Crowley holds a B.S. in Business Administration with concentrations in Real Estate and Finance from San Francisco State University. She has been a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of California for over 35 years.

Paule has been consulting on Yardi ® software since 1992 serving clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her areas of expertise include database set up and training as well as auditing and correcting challenging situations.

Prior to becoming an independent Yardi ® Consultant, Paule worked for various property management companies in San Francisco, as a property manager responsible for marketing and leasing, managing, budgeting and related financial reporting for residential, retail and commercial and mixed-use properties.

All her past experience has given Paule an exceptional ability to understand the whole picture when it comes to managing a real estate portfolio. Knowing how to handle accounts receivable, accounts payable, maintenance issues, leasing issues and financial reporting, helps her assimilate this information into your Yardi ® software so you can get the most out of it.

Contact Us

Crowley Case Group

Phone: (415) 225-8283

Email: info@crowleycasegroup.com

Service Areas

Online Yardi ® training, implementation and consulting services are available nationwide via GoToMeeting.

On site Yardi ® training, implementation and consulting services are available in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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